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Answer: Good question! All our writers are U.S. based professionals who hold at least a master’s degree.

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For businesses or individuals attempting to develop and establish websites, web copywriting can be an important part of the process. The writing of the text for a webpage can have considerable bearing on the overall tone and feel of the website. Further, the specific copywriting used can have an impact on how the website appears in certain search engines. For those interested in driving traffic to their site, professional web copywriting can mean the difference between success and failure. Professional web copywriters have the expertise and ability to draft copy that can target a web owner’s specific audience. In addition, copy placed on the website can also have a significant bearing on the overall experience of the web user once he or she finds the site.


At the present time, competition on the web—for both exposure and e-commerce—continues to increase each month. Individuals or organizations considering launching a website need to realize the value of the information provided on the website: not only in terms of the information provided, but also in terms of the manner in which the design, layout and copy of the website can enhance or detract from the users experience. By selecting web copywriting services, clients interested in developing a certain tone or feel for their websites will see dramatic results toward this end. Further, through the use of web copywriting services, web site owners will find new methods for driving traffic to their site. For the individual or the organization, web copywriting services have a number of potential advantages that can improve both individual access to the website and how web surfers respond to the site in general.

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Book Reports Print E-mail

Book reports are typically used as a means for professors to determine if students have read a specific book. In most cases, the book report consists of a brief review of the text along with the reader’s interpretation of the work. In some cases, however, students may be required to provide a detailed account of the work on a chapter-by-chapter basis, or through a comprehensive analysis of each character in the text. Regardless of the specific requirements, clients can order custom book reports that are completed to the exact instructions needed. While many professional writers often have a working knowledge of the selected text—i.e. The Jungle or The Grapes of Wrath—in cases where the text may not be as well known, professional writers will obtain a copy of the chosen text and complete a custom book report based on the instructions provided by the client.

The custom book report is an excellent example of how professional writers complete a custom work for the client. Utilizing the source selected and requirements made by the client, the professional writer, in many cases, begins the book report from scratch, working through the text to provide a comprehensive review of the work. Because professional writers has completed hundreds of book reports, they know not only what information to look for, but also how to critically asses the information to craft a well developed argument in support, or rejection, of the selected text. Much like choosing a custom essay or term paper, the client is guaranteed to receive a final product that represents a novel work on the book selected. The paper will never be placed in a database or posted online because it is a custom work that is owned by the customer.

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Articles Print E-mail

An article is typically a non-fiction work that is developed and edited for inclusion in a publication. Preparing an article for publication requires not only a considerable amount of time for research and investigation, but also a clear understanding of the subject and its related antecedents. For individuals preparing an article for the first or fiftieth time, the process can be one that is fraught with overwhelming complications. In this case, the use of professional writing services that prepare numerous articles for publication each week can help ease the burden of this process and expedite publication. Professional writers that are trained to prepare articles in a given field not only have mastery of the subject field, but are also well versed in the techniques necessary to create an article that can improve the author’s chances for acceptance by a selected publication.

The decision to draft an article for publication carries with it the need for a high level of expertise in both the subject selected and the methods needed for publication. By selecting to purchase a custom article, the client is provided with a novel document on the subject requested prepared by a writer that has extensive experience with article writing. Further, the subject of the article is matched to an article writer with a strong background in the subject field. As such, the final product represents a clear synthesis of scholarly research with the necessary elements for potential publication. For individuals whose hectic schedules do not afford them the time to complete articles needed for professional or academic advancement, professional article writing services can provide the necessary assistance to meet goals.

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PhD Dissertations and Thesis Print E-mail

Of all the documents produced in one’s academic career, the most challenging is the thesis or doctoral dissertation. Because this document represents a culmination of several years worth of research and inquiry, it combines not only the knowledge that has been amassed on a specific subject, but also the author’s scholarly interpretations of existing information. The final thesis or dissertation must contain novel insights garnered about a specific subject through the process of intensive research. What this demonstrates is that the thesis or doctoral dissertation is a highly complex document that must be prepared with considerable through and insight. Without all of the necessary elements to make the dissertation a comprehensive academic work, the author will be unable to effectively demonstrate mastery of his or her chosen subject.

Given the importance of the thesis or doctoral dissertation in the academic career of an individual, it is evident that specialized services can be necessary to improve the final document produced. Professional writers working with students to help them complete their thesis or dissertations have themselves completed this process. In addition, professional writers that work with thesis and doctoral candidates support the development of the document based on the recommendations made by the client. Because of the magnitude of the thesis or doctoral dissertation, this document can be written as a whole or in parts, to meet the needs of the individual client. Clients can request an entire thesis or dissertation or have the document written by section, so that feedback can be provided at each phase in the document’s development. In either case, professional writers working on these documents have not only the expertise to help clients, but also the first hand knowledge of how to complete these comprehensive and complex documents.

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